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IWM Duxford is Europe’s largest air museum.

Inside every hangar and exhibition (and outside them too) there are hundreds of huge aircraft, tanks, boats and more. Walk around them, inside them, above and below them and get the chance to see aircraft take off from our historic runway.

IWM Duxford stands apart from other aviation museums because the site is an exhibit itself. It played a central role in some of the most dramatic days in 20th century history – serving as a base for many of the Spitfire and Hurricane pilots during the Second World War.

Uncover over a century of personal stories from those who served at RAF Duxford and of the many lives impacted by conflict.

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Duxford American Air Space
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Imperial War Museum, Duxford
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Monday: Closed
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Wednesday: 10am to 4pm
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Saturday: 10am to 4pm
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Adult: £25 Children: £12.50 Concessions: £22.50 Discounts: Child under 5 free

IWM members are free. The pricing includes a 10% voluntary donation which enables them to reclaim tax on the whole ticket price under Gift Aid. You can choose not to include the donation when you buy your tickets.

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Permanent Display & Exhibitions

Battle of Britain Exhibition

The Battle of Britain exhibition tells the story of the Second World War aerial campaign from the defeat of France through to the end of the battle in October 1940.

Enter a historic hangar that was used by Duxford’s fighter squadrons during battle, get up close to Battle of Britain aircraft, learn about some of the Few and the support from the ground including the Observer Corps and anti-aircraft guns.


Battle of Britain: Ops Block

The Operations Room was the nerve centre of Duxford’s Battle of Britain. From here, the men and women who worked on the ground at this site directed the stations pilots into combat


In AirSpace you can get up-close to some of the most famous aircraft in the world, including the Lancaster, Spitfire, Concorde and Vulcan.

Explore around and underneath the aircraft. Get to know how they fly, how they're made and discover the impact they've made on the world.

American Air Museum

The American Air Museum in Britain is a story of two nations united through war, loss, love and duty.

Explore dramatic displays of epic original aircraft, innovative interactives and intriguing personal objects. Re-live exciting personal stories from Duke Boswell, who jumped out of a C-47 transport aircraft on D-Day, to Huie Lamb, a fighter pilot who was forced to ditch his P-51 Mustang in the North Sea.

From the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress used during the Second World War to the remotely piloted Predator used in present day conflict, discover more about the United States' aviation history in the American War Museum.


Air And Sea

Our Air And Sea exhibition takes you on a journey from the First World War to the present day.

You'll see naval aircraft and boats from the First World War, the cockpit of the A6M Zero - the most successful Japanese fighter aircraft type of the Second World War and the aircraft that would have flown against it in operations - the Grumman TBM-3 Avenger.

This impressive hangar is also home to naval aircraft and helicopters from the 1950s, and aircraft that served in the Falklands War. You may also see some of the historic aircraft that have been restored for flight by our flying partners here too.

Land Warfare

At the far end of the IWM Duxford site, the Land Warfare exhibition features scores of artillery pieces, tanks, trucks and other military vehicles to tell the story of mechanisation of warfare.

Wander through themed landscapes to discover how fighting on land has changed from the First World War through to modern conflicts.

Imperial War Museum, Duxford
CB22 4QR

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